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Asanify Provides the best tools for OKR management

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Maximum Output

OKR software from Asanify provides visibility into the entire work process. Teams stay motivated, focused, and accomplish better results.


With Asanify's free OKR software, teams can keep track of OKRs, alignment, and progress. This makes collaboration easier and allows you to make better decisions faster.

Focus on Results

Accurate Key Results will help you keep an eye out on the major performance metrics. You can see what works well and also take corrective actions.

Integrated with your favourite Apps

Asanify connects with the systems and tools your team uses daily, ensuring that your team's work is tightly linked to your company's or department's goals.

1500+ top startups and small businesses trust our OKR Software

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What do our customers say about us?

Asanify's OKR based performance management has immensely helped us in increasing our teams' alignment. In a fast-growing startup like ours, collaboration across teams is key to success - and clear tracking of key results and timelines enables us to achieve that. The web app is beautiful and hardly takes a minute to generate any relevant reports.

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Esha Arya, HR Head

TagMango - a Y Combinator Funded Startup

The Asanify OKR system has enabled us to revamp how we look at the overall performance management of our employees. It helps the management have a real-time view of the progress made across the critical focus areas. The UI/UX of the platform makes it very easy to make frequent updates.

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Tanuja Saikia, HR Head

AgPaytech - fintech company

Is OKR a performance management system?

OKR is a useful performance management tool. The OKR system helps businesses define, discuss, and track goals so that all employees are pulling in the same direction. Asanify's performance management module includes KPI tracking, task management, and defining goals & OKRs to improve your team's performance at every level.

What is OKR tracking software?

OKR software (Objective & Key Results software) is a tool that allows you to clearly define the overall Company-level objectives and identify the parameters which define success. Continuous monitoring of Key Results across multiple teams is critical to achieving great results - and a good OKR Software like Asanify enables you to do that seamlessly.

How do I choose OKR software?

When selecting software or tools for your company or team, there are a few things to keep in mind to guarantee you're making the best decision possible.

1. User-friendliness to make sure employees continue to use the tool
2. Real-time access to all stakeholders and the ability to view it from all devices
3. Integrations that are currently available with other platforms

OKR software such as Asanify offers its users a convenient dashboard, beautiful interface, and seamless integration with daily use software such as Microsoft Teams and Slack at a fraction of the cost.

Examples of OKRs by function

A powerful OKR tool must be utilized to create amazing results in fast-growing companies, especially in industries such as IT, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, and Human Resources. Outstanding firms such as Google, Adobe, Amazon, American Global Logistics, Anheuser-Busch, Asana, Baidu, and others employ OKR tools to manage their workforce so that they may meet their targets on time. Adopt the Asanify OKR module to start your journey of growth.

How do you implement the OKR methodology?

It is a simple 3-step process:

1. Define your Company objective. You can then also split the overall company objective into team level Goals and assign it to respective teams, or individuals

2. Identify the key quantitative Results which define success on the Objective

3. Track progress on the Key Results and monitor the timelines to see the major milestones

With Asanify OKR software, you can successfully implement OKR methodology in your organization to plan and execute your strategies. Define objectives, Key Results, and Assign tasks to achieve 10x growth.