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In an interconnected world where remote work has sprung into popularity, business expansion in foreign markets has formed a part of the mainstream culture. Businesses can now easily engage talent from any country of the world and drive revenue to a great extent. And, when things come to hiring from another country, what can be a better option than India? Starting from cost savings to an extremely skilled workforce, India has everything that foreign employers need. However, hiring in a different country entails complying with the local laws of that country to prevent legal battles and penalties. Thankfully, Employer of Record (EOR) services are here to streamline all the HR processes and compliances so that you get to focus on business-building. To ensure you make the right choice, we will share with you a list of the top Employer of Record companies in India.

Choosing the right EOR service provider matters!

In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the realm of Employment of Record services in India, uncovering the top service providers that stand at the forefront of delivering excellence and reliability.

Whether you are a multinational corporation expanding its footprint in India or a burgeoning startup striving for operational efficiency, this blog aims to be your guide in selecting the perfect EOR partner, among the top Employer of Record companies in India, to fuel your success. Let’s have a detailed look at the top 15 Employer of Record companies so that deciding on the right software becomes an easy task.


What is Employer of Record (EOR)?

Prior to choosing the right EOR provider, it is important to gain clarity on what EOR is. Let’s understand it with an example.

Imagine a thriving tech startup, headquartered in Silicon Valley, poised to expand its operations into the bustling and diverse market of India. The company is eager to tap into the immense talent pool and potential opportunities that the Indian market presents. However, it’s confronted with a myriad of unfamiliar regulations, complex compliance requirements, and the challenge of establishing a local workforce.

As the leadership team at the startup delves deep into the intricacies of hiring talent in India, they stumble upon a solution that promises to alleviate their concerns – the concept of Employer of Record (EOR) services. To simplify the complexities of navigating India’s employment landscape, the company decides to partner with an EOR service provider.

In this narrative, the EOR in India becomes their trusted ally, essentially taking on the role of the official employer for the business’ local workforce. This includes handling payroll, managing compliance with local labor laws, and ensuring that all regulatory obligations are met.

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As the business focuses on its core competencies – developing groundbreaking technologies and fostering innovation – the EOR seamlessly handles the intricacies of human resources, allowing the company to adapt to the nuances of the Indian business environment without losing momentum.

The EOR, therefore, becomes more than just a service provider; it becomes a strategic partner. It empowers the firm to navigate the unfamiliar waters of India’s employment landscape with confidence and ease. In short, EOR is an innovative solution and a game-changer for companies looking to expand globally, providing a smooth and efficient entry into new markets.

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What are the Services that the Best Employer of Record Companies in India Ought to Offer?

Employer of Record (EOR) services in India essentially involve a third-party organization taking on the responsibility of being the official employer for a foreign business’s workforce in the Indian market. This involves a range of comprehensive services designed to manage the complexities of local employment regulations and human resources.

Let’s have a glimpse of the services that an ideal EOR company offers to a foreign business in India:

1. Payroll Processing

  • EOR services handle payroll administration, ensuring accurate and timely salary payments to employees.
  • Deductions, tax withholdings, and compliance with local tax regulations are managed to meet Indian payroll requirements.

2. Compliance Management

  • EOR companies navigate and ensure compliance with the intricate web of Indian labor laws and regulations, including employee benefits, leaves, and statutory contributions.
  • Adherence to local employment regulations helps mitigate legal risks and ensures a smooth operational process.

3. Employee Contracts and Documentation

Drafting and managing employment contracts, offer letters, and other necessary documentation required for hiring and maintaining a workforce in India.

4. Visa and Work Permits

Assistance with obtaining and managing necessary visas and work permits for foreign employees working in India, ensuring legal authorization for their employment.

5. HR Administration

  • Handling day-to-day HR functions, such as employee onboarding, offboarding, and managing employee records.
  • Addressing HR queries, concerns, and facilitating communication between the employer and employees.

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6. Tax Compliance

Ensuring compliance with Indian tax laws, including filing tax returns and managing any tax-related obligations on behalf of the foreign business and its employees.

7. Risk Management

Identifying and managing potential risks associated with employment, such as disputes, terminations, and other legal challenges, to protect the interests of the foreign business.

8. Benefits Administration

Managing employee benefits, such as insurance, provident fund contributions, and other statutory benefits required by Indian labor laws.

9. Cultural Sensitivity and Local Adaptation

Understanding and adapting to the local work culture, ensuring that employment practices align with the cultural norms and expectations in India.

One of the top Employer of record companies in India

When Do You Need the Services of Top Employer of Record Companies in India?

A company may feel the need to avail the services of a top Employer of Record (EOR) company in India in various situations, depending on its business goals, expansion plans, and human resource management needs. Let’s have a look at some common scenarios in which a company might consider engaging an EOR:

1. Global Expansion

When a company decides to expand its operations into India or other international markets, it often faces the challenge of understanding and complying with complex local employment laws, tax regulations, and cultural nuances. EOR services can assist in navigating these challenges and ensure legal compliance.

2. Limited Understanding of Local Employment Laws

India has intricate labor laws and regulations that can be challenging for foreign companies to navigate. Employers may seek the services of an EOR to ensure that they are in compliance with local employment laws, including hiring practices, working hours, leave policies, and termination procedures.

3. Temporary or Project-Based Hiring

For companies engaging in short-term projects or requiring temporary staff, an EOR can provide a flexible solution. Instead of establishing a legal entity, which can be time-consuming and costly, businesses can use EOR services to quickly onboard and manage temporary employees.

4. Lack of In-House HR Infrastructure

Smaller companies or those without an established human resources department may find it challenging to handle all aspects of employment, from payroll management to benefits administration. EOR services provide a comprehensive HR infrastructure, allowing businesses to focus on their core activities.

5. Complex Payroll and Benefits Administration

Managing payroll, taxes, and employee benefits can be complex, especially in a country like India with its diverse tax regulations. EOR services streamline these processes, ensuring accurate and timely payment to employees and compliance with tax laws.

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6. Risk Mitigation

Companies may opt for EOR services as a risk mitigation strategy. EORs stay updated on changes in employment laws and regulations, reducing the risk of legal issues and financial penalties related to non-compliance.

7. Avoidance of Administrative Burden

Dealing with administrative tasks related to employment, such as onboarding, offboarding, and document management, can be time-consuming. EOR services alleviate this burden, allowing companies to focus on their core business activities.

8. Need for Workforce Flexibility

Businesses requiring workforce flexibility, such as scaling up or down quickly based on project requirements, can benefit from EOR services. This allows companies to adapt their workforce without the long-term commitments associated with traditional hiring.

9. Global Talent Acquisition

Companies seeking to attract global talent to work in India may use EOR services to simplify the hiring process, manage employment contracts, and ensure compliance with local laws.

10. Mergers and Acquisitions

In the case of mergers or acquisitions, where a company inherits a workforce in India, an EOR can facilitate the transition, ensuring smooth integration and compliance with local employment regulations.

Asanify EOR

Advantages of  Using the Services of Top Employer of Record Companies in India

Using an Employer of Record (EOR) in India can offer several advantages for businesses looking to expand their operations or hire employees in the country. Here are detailed explanations of the key benefits:

1. Compliance Assurance

 Complex Regulatory Landscape: India has intricate labor laws and regulations that vary across states. EOR services ensure that your business remains compliant with these laws, covering areas such as minimum wages, working hours, leave policies, and more.

Tax Compliance: EORs handle tax withholdings, deductions, and submissions, ensuring that your business complies with Indian tax regulations, which can be challenging for foreign entities to navigate.

2. Streamlined Hiring and Onboarding

Efficient Recruitment: EORs assist with the recruitment process, helping you find qualified candidates and managing the necessary documentation for onboarding.

Onboarding Support: They streamline the onboarding process, ensuring that new hires are properly oriented, and all required paperwork is completed in accordance with Indian employment laws.

3. Risk Mitigation

Legal Safeguards: EORs assume the legal responsibility for compliance and employment-related risks, reducing the potential legal and financial liabilities for the hiring company.

Dispute Resolution: In the event of employment-related disputes, EORs often provide support and help navigate the resolution process.

4. Payroll and Benefits Administration

Accurate Payroll Processing: EORs manage payroll administration, including accurate and timely salary disbursements, tax deductions, and compliance with wage and hour laws.

Benefits Management: EORs handle employee benefits, such as insurance and retirement plans, ensuring that your company is competitive in the job market.

5. HR Support

Employee Relations: EORs may offer HR support, helping with employee relations, conflict resolution, and performance management.

Policy Implementation: They assist in implementing HR policies and procedures, ensuring consistency and fairness in the treatment of employees.

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6. Global Expansion Support

Market Entry Assistance: For companies expanding into India, EORs provide valuable support by navigating the legal and administrative complexities of entering a new market.

Remote Work Management: EORs facilitate hiring and managing remote employees, allowing businesses to tap into a broader talent pool.

7. Flexibility and Scalability

Agile Workforce: EORs offer flexibility, allowing businesses to scale their workforce up or down based on changing needs without the administrative challenges associated with hiring or terminating employees directly.

8. Cost and Time Savings

Efficiency: Outsourcing employment-related tasks to an EOR frees up time for business owners and HR teams to focus on core business activities.
Reduced Overheads: EOR services often result in cost savings compared to establishing and maintaining a legal entity in a new country.

9. Focus on Core Business

Strategic Focus: With the administrative burden of employment responsibilities lifted, businesses can concentrate on their core competencies, strategic planning, and growth initiatives.

10. Professional Expertise

Local Knowledge: EORs bring expertise in local employment practices, cultural nuances, and legal requirements, ensuring that your business operates smoothly within the Indian business environment.

15 Top Employer of Record Companies in India

Top Employer of Record companies in India

#1: Asanify- Employer of Record Company in India Best Known for Excellent Customer Support

Asanify- one of the top Employer of Record companies in India
Source: asanify.com

Rated #1 globally (in terms of ease of use), Asanify is one of the most user-friendly EOR solutions out there. Being native to India and possessing intricate knowledge about the various laws and provisions concerning the Indian market, Asanify offers its clients top-notch Employer of Record services and help them stay compliant. It robs its clients of the lingering stress of setting up their respective legal entities and undergoing the arduous task of understanding local labor laws of a different country than theirs. Interestingly, Asanify offers the best-in-class FX rates on international payroll, thereby grabbing eyeballs of many. It has delivered a groundbreaking accomplishment of breaking the myth that EOR services are not apt for small and medium-sized businesses. In fact, its customized suite of HR and payroll services and compliance programs make it a great fit for both SMEs and large corporations, at the same time.

While Asanify’s expert cohort taking over the HR, payroll and compliance concerns of your business, you get the much-needed time to focus on driving innovation and success. The most amazing part? You get access to world-class Employer of Record India services at a heavily cost-effective rate. In fact, the pricing here is 4x lower than what other EOR service providers charge. To ensure that you keep enjoying the best EOR services with Asanify, its 24 X7 customer support stays geared to offering impeccable assistance to its clients. Further, the Global Contractor Payroll services of Asanify is highly-rated and simplifies work to a great extent. Starting from payroll automation to HRMS suite, Asanify has it all to ensure that you stay on top of your business game.

Asanify Employer of Record- one of the top Employer of Record companies in India

Key Features

  • Comprehensive compliance expertise;
  • Localized knowledge and cultural sensitivity;
  • Tailored solutions for Indian market;
  • Provision of comprehensive health insurance for all your employees;
  • Income Tax deduction and filing as per the laws established by the government;
  • Easy way to pay in local currency with best-in-class FX rates;
  • Efficient and super-quick onboarding processes;
  • Multi-currency and multi-language support;
  • Comprehensive HR support;
  • Employee training on HRMS and ongoing support;
  • Access to high-quality HRMS tool;
  • Innovative employee self-service portal;
  • Flexibility for scalability;
  • Global expansion assistance;
  • Technology-driven solutions for easy compliance tracking and reporting;
  • Highly cost-effective and time-efficient services



  • Absolutely easy to get started with;
  • Gamified and intuitive interface that makes it extremely user-friendly;
  • Consolidated set of Employer of Record-India services, ranging from- taking care of Provident Fund for all employees to Labor Welfare Fund for contributions for all states;
  • Protection from labor law violations and penalties;
  • Quick, same-day onboarding;
  • Comes with built-in HRMS to track employee attendance, leave, expense reimbursement requests, and so on;
  • 24/7 customer support and quick response time;
  • Quick generation of payslips for employees;
  • An absolute “value for money” service;
  • One-click payroll generation (100% automated)

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  • Currently, Asanify has legal entity only in two countries- India and USA. However, it is expanding at a rapid pace.


  • $199 per employee per month

Global Ratings Asanify user ratings

Asanify’s stellar user ratings make it a must-use for every foreign business out there. Its comprehensive HRMS, expense reimbursement system, performance management system, and automated payroll tool make users love this platform to a great extent. Further, its unimaginably excellent customer support simplifies the workflow of busy professionals like you. In that way, you get adequate time to scale your business while letting Asanify, your EOR partner, handle the complicated task of running payroll, and complying with labor laws and tax norms. This, once again, shows how user-friendly this platform is.

What sets Asanify apart from other EOR service providers is that any one can use it easily and quickly. No wonder why it has been placed at the foremost position in terms of ease of use, and that too, globally by G2!


Asanify is #1 ranked EOR in terms of ease of use

#2: Papaya Global- One of the Best Employer of Record Companies in India for Enterprise Clients

Coming second in the list is Papaya Global! It offers good-quality EOR services for businesses planning to venture into the Indian market. With its presence spread over 160 countries, Papaya Global brings to the table a diverse array of tech-driven solutions for foreign companies to stay compliant. A group of designated country experts at Papaya Global help businesses to get a grip of the alien situation in a new market and understand the intricacies of the labor laws of the country in question (Indian labor market, in this case).

Starting from hiring, onboarding, workforce management, payroll services to benefits supervision, Papaya Global has it all. Further, it is competent to offer HR services for both contractors and employees in your company. Its dedicated CSE and GPE teams work towards ensuring that all the needs of the clients are met. However, its exorbitant pricing makes it more suitable for large corporations. Therefore, small businesses may not find Papaya Global to be a viable EOR option for them.

Papaya Global EOR

Key Features

  • Has presence in 160+ countries;
  • Supports multi-currency payments, including cryptocurrency;
  • A team of in-house experts to assist the clients;
  • Customer support via WhatsApp chat


  • Presence of a team of in-house country experts to help clients all over the world in staying compliant;
  • All-in-one platform to control your workforce;
  • Provision of a dedicated EOR wallet, offering scope for global payments;
  • Seamless integration with HRMS and payroll tool


  • Exclusively suited for large enterprise clients;
  • Might not be a good fit for SMEs owing to its sky-rocketing price structure;
  • High FX rates that add up to your final cost, thereby elevating the amount to a great extent;
  • Bulk update of employee data is not allowed because a particular file needs to be requested to make the required update

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  • $599 per month per employee

Global Ratings

While Papaya Global is one of the top Employer of Record companies in India, users may face problems when things come to invoicing. Further, the PTO import system on the platform often causes glitches, making it not really a good feature of the platform. However, it has stellar user ratings, thanks to its diverse features.

Make sure to assess the user-friendliness of Papaya Global’s platform for managing employee-related tasks, such as payroll, benefits administration, and compliance. A well-designed and intuitive platform can contribute to overall usability.

#3: Deel- One of the Most Well-known Employer of Record Companies in India for Efficient Visa Processing Services

Deel is an HRMS tool catering to the needs of global clients and helping foreign businesses build a solid remote team with ease. With its presence in 100+ countries, Deel ensures that companies don’t get mired into the complications of labor law violations, misclassification risks, and tax penalties. It allows users to aggregate employment costs on the basis of locations of team members and thereby aiding them to take the correct hiring decision instantaneously.

Highest data protection and security standards form the core part of Deel. Interestingly, it is also seamlessly integrated with Xero, Netsuit, Azure, and Ashby. It acts as a single platform offering payroll and HR management tools for employees. Everything, starting from tax deductions, benefits, and payments will be taken care of by Deel while you get to focus on driving innovation for your business. You will be saved from the arduous step of setting up a legal entity and getting a grasp of the complex labor laws of India. After all, Deel’s Employer of Record service will do the heavy work of helping you stay 100% compliant.


Key Features

  • Offers EOR services in 100+ countries;
  • Employee onboarding completion in 5 to 10 minutes;
  • 24/7 in-app customer support;
  • Intensive employee training sessions at the time of onboarding;
  • High security standards with Deel being GDPR, SOC2, and ISO 27001 compliant


  • User-friendly platform to hire employees without facing any hurdles;
  • Automation of payroll;
  • Quick onboarding process with a maximum period of 2-3 days;
  • Has its own legal partners in about 50+ countries;
  • Makes the otherwise herculean task of visa processing a breeze, thanks to its dedicated team of immigration experts


  • Pricing is on the higher side- thereby, making it a good fit for enterprise-level clients solely;
  • Increased FX rates spiking the overall charges that you need to pay;
  • Quite an error-prone software that might make the financial reconciliation process a tedious task;
  • Consumes lots of time and resources to correct the system-generated errors

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  • For employees, the pricing starts from $599 per employee per month

Global Ratings

Deel’s understanding of Indian labor laws and their ability to ensure compliance with local regulations is worth mentioning. When it comes to global user ratings, a fairly good rating stands by it. However, using it may not appear to be simple for everyone. It is important to consider the quality and responsiveness of Deel’s customer support. Reliable customer service is crucial for resolving any issues, answering queries, and ensuring a smooth experience for users.

#4: Rippling- One of the Most Popular Employer of Record Companies in India known for HR, IT and Finance Cloud

With its HQ based out of California, Rippling has established itself as a popular name among the category of top Employer of Record Companies globally. Just like any other remarkable EOR software, Rippling lets you hire employees from India seamlessly. Most importantly, you can do all these while staying compliant. You will be relieved from engaging in the cumbersome tasks of studying the Indian labor laws, tax norms, and employee benefit regulations. In that way, it helps take the weight off your shoulders.

Starting from ensuring compliance to tracking employee attendance and leave, Rippling has wide-ranging features that will make the entire task of workforce management a breeze. With its foundation laid upon native HRIS, this EOR provider helps you scale up easily. So, you can switch to your own entity (if you plan to establish that in future) in minutes.


Key Features

  • Quick onboarding of employees in seconds;
  • Fast payroll processing;
  • Automated system of payment and filing of taxes;
  • Access to HRIS suite along with Employer of Record service;
  • Single platform for everything related to HR, IT, and Finance to streamline your work life;
  • Integration with over 500 third-party apps like Slack, Quickbooks, Office 365, and so on;
  • Availability of workflow customization settings;
  • Easy access to workflow analytics via the publication of HR reports


  • Assistance from local expert advisors for immigration, HR policies, and labor laws;
  • Seamless integration with HRIS tool, thereby enabling you to track emmployee attendance, time off, and so on;
  • Designing of policies for employee benefits administration keeping in mind the regulations applicable in India;
  • Access to payroll automation tool to ensure that all your employees get paid on time;
  • Automatic reminders for crucial admin tasks;
  • Facility to pay employees in their local currencies


  • EOR software can’t be purchased as a separate package. You need to go for the entire HRIS tool to use just a part of it;
  • Quite high FX rates that can impact the overall price you pay;
  • No 24/7 customer support is available;
  • Lack of premium features globally

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  • No transparent EOR pricing mentioned online;
  • Usually billed on a per-employee, per-month basis;
  • Users need to request a quote from Rippling to know about the exact price details

Global Ratings

Rippling’s global user ratings on G2 clearly indicate that it might not be a good choice for people looking for an EOR partner with great ease of set up. It has been rated 8.6 in terms of ease of use, which is quite low, as compared to its competitors. Further, in terms of the core HR software that forms a crucial part of an EOR service, it has been ranked at the 4th position, in terms of ease of use. Therefore, it is advisable to make an informed choice because ease of use is something you need to pay heed to. A complex and hard-to-understand software will only make things worse and delay crucial work.

#5: Oyster- One of the Most Common Employer of Record Companies in India Offering Services in 180+ Countries

Asanify offers remarkable global employment solution and functions as a single platform where every possible international hiring needs can be fulfilled. It offers EOR services in 180+ countries all over the world and stands out as one of the top Employer of Record companies in India.

If you are looking to evaluate the best Employer of Record services in India, click here. In case you need any further assistance, Asanify team is available round the clock- click here to book a meeting. 

Starting from global hiring module to compliance, benefits, and tax support- Oyster has it all. They have a team of designated country experts who will further aid you in ensuring that you are adhering to all the guidelines as enshrined in the law book by the respective countries.

Truth be told, Oyster is a global workforce management consultancy and comes with its own set of limitations. It is not quite integration-friendly. Therefore, transitioning to Oyster from your own system may invite some technical difficulties which you will obviously want to avoid.


Key Features

  • Completion of employee onboarding within 48 hours;
  • Local expert assistance to help you navigate through the complex waters of labor laws, compliances, and tax regulations;
  • End-to-end HRMS letting you track and manage employee attendance, time-off, expense reimbursements, equity, contract updates, off-boarding, etc.;
  • Comes with a free plan that lets you use Oyster Academy along with a set of HR tools such as contractor assessment, employee hiring cost, and so on


  • Payroll processing and expense disbursal management with the option to make the payment in 140+ local currencies;
  • Reducing the chances of risks via confidentiality and IP assignment agreements;
  • Employee Cost Calculator Tool to help you get an estimate of the hiring cost in various countries;
  • Provision to hire your first full-time team member for free, and that too, for a year- provided you run a non-profit firm;
  • No demand of extra charges for setup;
  • Huge discounts for hiring refugees via Oyster


  • Not quite integration-friendly, thereby making Oyster a difficult choice for it may not be that compatible with your current tech stack;
  • Poor customer service with no facility for immediate assistance via phone;
  • Add-ons for local benefits facility, priced at $80 per month- thereby, making it a costly EOR provider

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  • $599 per employee per month

Global Ratings

As pointed out earlier, Oyster doesn’t really have good ratings when things come to offering support to customers. The quality of support offered here is poor and this might trigger problems and great inconvenience to users. Further, the ease of setup is not impressive. When things come to ease of use, Oyster is ranked at the 5th position globally. Make sure to weigh all these considerations before narrowing down on a particular EOR provider.

#6: Remote- One of the Top Employer of Record Companies in India Loaded With Great Features

Remote, as a global EOR service provider, maintains a strong presence in more than 185 countries. It is equipped with truckloads of useful features such as payroll management, compensation explorer, employee self-service, global benefits along with time and attendance management. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, hiring employees in India is no more a stressful task. Further, with the help of an EOR, there won’t be any risks of labor law violations, thereby insulating your b usiness from getting trapped in legal conflicts and penalties.

With Remote, you can stay assured of scaling your business conveniently. This is because Remote EOR will act as the umbrella platform offering insights into payroll, compliances,  HR reports, and much more. It comes with a smart employee self-serve portal that enriches the user experience remarkably. The best part?Partnering with an EOR service provider like Remote will help you form a skilled remote workforce based out of India. While Remote works towards ensuring compliance, you can use your precious time in growing your business.

Remote EOR software

Key Features

  • Employee onboarding at a lightning pace;
  • Employee self-service portal to streamline employee attendance and leave;
  • High legal protection standards for IP via Remote IP Guard, in compliance with the local laws;
  • Room for customization so that you get to use tailor-made solutions and manage your team in India without any hassle;
  • Dedicated mobile app to enrich user experience;
  • Local payroll expert assistance


  • Best-in-class employee benefits to attract top talent from India;
  • Top-notch employee benefits management with the provision of wide-ranging forms of insurance for employees- health insurance, pension & 401(k) plans, vision and dental insurance, life and disability insurance;
  • Single platform to store crucial employee documents such as contract agreements, equity, remote work requests, and so on;
  • Complete compliance support;
  • Dedicated team to support the entire employee hiring journey, beginning with onboarding to concluding with offboarding;
  • Full visibility of employee attendance and time-off updates


  • Exorbitant pricing that might not be an apt choice for you, more so, because of the availability of better EOR service providers at a more cost-effective rate;
  • Customer support is not available by phone, thereby, prolonging the problem resolution time frame;
  • High response time because you can reach out to the customer support team only via email, chat, and web form;
  • Elevated FX rates that might incur higher transaction fees, and this might impact the overall amount that you expend

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  • $599 per employee per month

Global Ratings

Remote is the most highly rated EOR software on G2. However, when the question of ease of set up and quality of support emerges, it may not be an ideal platform. This is because certain other EOR providers out there have impeccable rating when assessed on the basis of customer support and usability. You can have a quick look at the ratings to come to a conclusion, taking into consideration your expectations and needs.

 #7: Multiplier- One of the Most Robust Employer of Record Companies in India

Multiplier has established itself as one of the top Employer of Record companies in India and offers services in 150 countries all over the world. Established with the  motto to make international employment a simple process, Mutliplier is striding ahead in its goal by providing companies with smart solutions. You can now hire employees from India without having to bear the brunt of any headache. All the complexities of establishing your own legal entity will be removed, all thanks to this EOR software.

The best part about using Multiplier is that it will help you manage all your employees’ payroll, benefits, expense, taxes, and much more. Further, it will help you stay compliant by adhering to all the labor laws, tax regulations, and local norms as applicable in that region in India. Apart from getting shielded from any kind of penalties and legal battles, its in-house team of 100+ local experts will aid you get a better understanding of the employment scenario in India. Business expansion, therefore, will no longer remain a cause of worry.


Key Features

  • Maintains a legal presence in 150+ countries;
  • Offers customized employee benefits package;
  • Protects businesses from facing any sort of worker misclassification charges by clearly establishing a distinction between freelancers and employees;
  • Multi-country payroll support, thereby offering the much-needed facility of on-time international payroll run


  • Generation of instant employment contracts and other crucial documents;
  • Supports multi-currency payments- as many as 120+ currencies;
  • Easy access to offer letters and payslips for employees;
  • Dashboard for employees so that they can track their leaves, expense requests, bonuses, etc. easily;
  • Complete administration of employee benefits, insurance, and stock ownership;
  • Fast employee onboarding in less than 24 hours;
  • Highly secure system to rely upon


  • No complimentary HRMS is available;
  • 24/5 customer support is in place but it is not really robust;
  • Lack of interactive customer support executives;
  • Limited options for sending money for payroll run (for instance, paying with a credit card is not yet available);
  • At times, Multiplier fails at covering every legal aspect of hiring and paying employees, thereby attracting the risk of penalties;
  • Quite an expensive product

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  • $400 per employee per month

Global Ratings

On a whole, Multiplier is a good EOR service provider that you may use to engage talent from India and stay compliant. In terms of ease of use, Multiplier is ranked at the fourth position. This is probably something that you may want to contemplate. After all, usability matters! No one wants a hard-to-navigate solution that would further complicate their work lives. All in all, Multiplier has decent ratings. Ensure that you are considering crucial factors such as the pricing structure and problem resolution timeline before narrowing down your choice to the ultimate EOR service provider.

#8: Globalization Partners- Consolidated Employer of Record Company in India Offering Crypto Payments

Armed with powerful HR services and global payroll solutions, Globalization Partners (G-P) is yet another top Employer of Record company that you may want to explore. The most unique thing about this EOR provider is that you can search, recruit, pay, and onboard your remote team in India or any other country seamlessly. You will be spared from the great hassle of setting up local entities or branch offices. After all, this EOR solution will act as your legal employer and streamline all the HR and payroll processes.

Ranging from generating contracts to taking care of employee tax deductions and benefits, G-P will aid you in devoting your time to expanding your business. In that way, you won’t have to get involved in the quagmire of diverse local labor laws prevailing in India.

Globalization Partners EOR Provider

Key Features

  • Global recruiting services are made available to clients to make the hiring process simpler and quicker;
  • Instant payment facility in crypto or Venmo;
  • 100% local compliance support;
  • Maintains presence in 180+ countries;
  • Takes over the entire tax and employee benefits administration system;
  • Generates payroll with 99% accuracy;
  • Offers services in 160+ countries;
  • Makes the herculean task of hiring from India easier by removing the need for establishing a legal entity and offering its hiring and paying services


  • Availability of international payroll services;
  • Seamless way of disbursing payments to employees;
  • Quick access to HR reports and easy generation of invoices;
  • Designated team of country-specific specialists to help you gain accurate information about local regulations;
  • Quick onboarding of employees


  • G-P is not an independent platform because it partners with ADP and Zoho for HR and payroll services. This may make managing things difficult for you as you will have to log in to different portals to get things done.
  • Bulk template uploads are not quite user-friendly;
  • May turn out to be an expensive option for businesses;
  • Improvements needed in the customer support front because, in several cases, problems have been kept unresolved;
  • Certain essential features come with extra charges

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  • No transparent pricing structure is mentioned on its website

Global Ratings

Globalization Partners is positioned at 6th in terms of G2 satisfaction score. While Globalization Partner offers excellent international payroll services, it may not be an ideal choice for you if simplicity and ease of use are your primal concerns. G-P has been ranked at the 8th position on G2 in terms of ease of use. This indicates that you may not have a smooth, seamless experience while onboarding new talent and managing your remote team in the new country. It is crucial to consider G-P’s capacity to scale services based on the needs of your business. A flexible EOR service can adapt to changing workforce requirements and business dynamics. Therefore, making a thoughtful choice is much emphasized upon.

#9: Omnipresent- One of the Most Secured Employer of Record Companies in India

Establishing itself as one of the top Employer of Record companies in India, Omnipresent has succeeded in maintaining its presence in over 160 countries all over the world. It has created a perfect nexus of automation and human expertise to bring forth smart EOR solutions for businesses. Focusing on your company growth is now easier as this EOR partner will keep you safe and secure from violation of law and penalties that have the potential to impact your brand’s reputation.

Transparent pricing and correct invoicing stand out as prominent features of Omnipresent. You will be paying just for the services that you are going to use. The enduring hassle of setting a legal entity in India is thus removed. Starting from risk mitigation to ensuring compliances, Omnipresent’s EOR services will fully assist you so that you get to focus on building your business and not get entangled in legal duels with the authorities. All in all, using an EOR service like this will help you in driving success, boost productivity, and foster a work culture where employee management is made a smooth process.


Key Features

  • Onboarding new employees from a different country than yours is now easier and quicker;
  • Access to Employee Cost Calculator Tool to get an estimate of the expenses involved in hiring an employee from India or any other country;
  • Ensures the completion of hiring of new employees in adherence to the compliances and labor law provisions made mandatory in India;
  • Seamless integration to HRIS to ensure every employee management task gets duly completed;
  • Assortment of employee benefits package as is relevant to the Indian context


  • Highly advanced IP protection in place to shield you from any potential risks;
  • Customizable EOR services with drafting of pertinent contracts as required by law in India while hiring employees;
  • Easy access to HRIS to enable you in tracking and organizing various reports concerning employee data;
  • All the hassle of setting up your own entity is removed;
  • 100% compliance, benefits, tax, and payroll support


  •  There has been a constant issue of employees not being able to access their payslips on time;
  • Not a cost-effective solution to go for;
  • High response time from the end of the customer support team;
  • Complaints of disorganized service are rampant

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  • $499 per employee per month

Global Ratings

Omnipresent is rated 4.4 out of 5 on G2 by users located globally. While it is renowned for providing businesses with cutting-edge EOR solutions, customers have often complained about their insufficiency of knowledge on local laws and regulatory matters. Assessing the efficiency of Omnipresent’s payroll processing and benefits administration is essential before you take your final decision. As is obvious, a satisfying user experience would involve accurate and timely payroll services and well-managed employee benefits. Moreover, ensuring that all deadlines for compliances are met on time is also way too important.

#10: Skuad- One of the Best Employer of Record Companies in India Offering Personalised Solutions

Skuad’s plug-and-play digital employment infrastructure is here to make the task of recruiting talent easier. Without the help of an EOR provider, engaging employees from India or any other country is possible only via the establishment of legal entity. And, this process is not only time-consuming but demands the investment of lots of resources. Therefore, venturing into foreign markets is no longer an issue of worry. Offering remarkable EOR services in 160+ countries, Skuad helps you meet your hiring targets and scale your business effortlessly.

Wondering what is the most amazing part of Squad as one of the top Employer of Record companies? Well, you get to make payments in 100+ currencies while being able to access and manage multiple invoices in a single click. Most importantly, you get to stay compliant and avert any adverse situation of being penalized. Comprehending the local labor laws in India may turn out to be a difficult task, considering the amount of time you need to put in growing your business. Skuad will assist and empower you with the accurate details of regulatory provisions in India so that no inadvertent mistakes are committed on your end while engaging talent from India.


Key Features

  • EOR presence in 160+ countries;
  • Local expert assistance to ensure compliances;
  • Easy enabling of cross-border transaction with multi-currency payment support;
  • Protection from worker misclassification charges and hefty fines by adhering to all the rules and regulations needed to define who functions as an employee and a contractor;
  • Robust data protection in place to safeguard IP rights


  • 24/7 expert support to ensure compliances;
  • A single platform to manage employee benefits administration, take care of tax deductions and issue localized contracts;
  • Streamlined workforce management to help you save time so that you get to expanding your business;
  • Instant onboarding of talent while following all the legal provisions as applicable in India;
  • Cost-effective option for businesses


  • Issues with asset management have often been reported;
  • Increased FX markups that have the potential to surge your overall expenditure on EOR services and other costs;
  • Lack of diverse range of plug-in tools to integrate with the Skuad system;
  • Frequent issues have been reported regarding automatic addition of leave entitlement;
  • High response time from the end of the customer support team

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  • $199 per employee per month

Global Ratings

Skuad is ranked at the 13th position in terms of ease of use on G2. This points towards the possibility of facing hindrances while navigating one’s way through the platform. When things come to user satisfaction and G2 score, the platform is ranked at the 15th position which may not stand out as an impressive thing. With its quality of support and ease of setup being rated around 9 on a scale of 10, considering it to be an EOR partner of your choice may not be a bad thing, provided that you are weighing all the crucial considerations before purchasing one.

#11: Rapid- One of the Top Employer of Record Companies in India Offering Excellent Compliance Support

As one of the top Employer of Record (EOR) companies in India, Rapid stands out for its commitment to providing unparalleled solutions for global businesses seeking a robust and compliant entry into the Indian market. Rapid takes the complexity out of navigating India’s intricate employment laws and regulations. This enables you to concentrate more on scaling your business while Rapid automates all the employee management activities. Apart from availing yourself of the benefit of  world-class HR expertise, this EOR service provider will aid you in staying compliant.

Starting from quick onboarding of new employees to offering compliance support and employee management, Rapid has emerged as an excellent EOR software- powered by smart technology. What is unique about Rapid is that it helps businesses select their own office space and purchase required IT equipment for employees, who are going to be hired in full-time roles. Its team of experts are well-adept at taking care of your payroll concerns and ensures timely payment of salary to your Indian employees in local currency. You won’t have to juggle between multiple platforms because Rapid is an umbrella platform covering every aspect. This includes employee leave and expense management along with compliance and tax support.


Key Features

  • User-friendly platform to onboard selected candidates from a foreign country quickly and easily;
  • Complete local tax support so that you don’t fall into the peril of being charged with penalties;
  • Customized designing of relevant benefits package to boost employee satisfaction and morale;
  • Offers a convenient option of leasing or procuring IT equipment so that no interruption emerges in your workflow while expanding your business in a new country


  • Simplifies tax regulations and ensures compliance so that your time doesn’t get used up in comprehending these complex aspects;
  • Saves a lot of your time and resources which would otherwise have been invested in setting up a local entity;
  • Takes care of payroll, tax, and employee benefits so that you don’t need to worry about all these;
  • Guaranteed fair and transparent pricing structure with no hidden charges;
  • Gain ultimate control of IP rights

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  • Not really a cost-effective choice as the price is slightly on the higher side;
  • Increased FX rates that would end up in elevating the final charges that you would have to spend;
  • Lack of efficient customer support;
  • Doesn’t offer the option to create template-based documents such as promotion or increment letter


  • $299 per employee per month

Global Ratings

Rapid doesn’t have plenty of user ratings and reviews online. So, deciding if it will be the right fit for you might appear a bit difficult to you. However, considering the diverse features it offers, you can give it a try. Anyway, it is important to assess it on various grounds such as cost, integration capabilities, customer support, and so on.


Top employer of record company

#12: Velocity Global- One of the Remarkable Employer of Record Companies in India Offering ATS and HRIS Integration With Other Services

Velocity Global is on the list of the top Employer of Record companies in India for a reason. It offers top-notch global expertise for businesses planning to expand into new markets. Offering service in 185+ countries globally, this EOR provider helps you hire employees from India or any other country of your choice- easily and compliantly. With this, you get access to a single platform that would help you understand various aspects of the employment laws prevailing in India. Further, the availability of a wide array of tools makes workforce management a breeze.

What makes Velocity Global unique from other top Employer of Record companies in India is its provision of immigration support. This aids in swift and smooth relocation of talent across the globe. The complications surrounding the setting up of a legal entity are therefore removed. In that way, you get to focus on growing your business and get rid of the heavy work involved in decoding the labor law complexities in India. Ranging from instantaneous employee onboarding to payroll and compliance support, Velocity Global offers a compact package that would streamline all the processes involved in building your team in India.

Velocity Global EOR service provider

Key Features

  • Easy and swift process of onboarding your new recruits;
  • In-house local experts offer assistance in matters related to HR, payroll, and local labor laws so that you don’t violate any rules inadvertently;
  • Global payroll support ensuring that payouts to your team are made on time;
  • Access to reporting and analytics feature to empower you in taking better decisions on people management;
  • Easy-to-use employee data tools to aid you in staying informed about every team and department


  • 24/7 human support for both your business and employees;
  • Seamless integration with ATS and HRIS systems offering robust employment solutions;
  • Presence of local experts in compliances and tax norms to safeguard you from making any costly mistakes;
  • Exclusive employee benefits administration;
  • Top-notch transition support for ex-pats along with visa assistance;
  • Has a Global Equity Program in place to satiate your employees and curb compliance risks;
  • Aids in generating contracts that adhere to the laws of the land


  • No transparent pricing structure in place, indicating the inclusion of layered or hidden charges;
  • Increased FX rates that spike the final figure you need to offer as payment;
  • There has been a general belief among some users that customer service has been sacrificed for supposed internal efficiencies and innovations;
  • Unnecessarily complicated invoicing process

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  • No disclosure of the actual pricing structure made available online

Global Ratings

Velocity Global has a stellar rating in terms of ease of use and quality of support. However, in terms of G2 score, it is positioned at the 13th place. This might point towards its downsides in terms of ease of setup and ease of admin. To manage your remote team in India, having an EOR partner that will help you take care of various aspects of employee administration and compliances is essential.

#13: INS Global- One of the Most Efficient Employer of Record Companies in India

INS Global has secured a position among the top Employer of Record companies in India, thanks to its prominent EOR services. Marking your entry into a new market is now easier! All those difficult steps of setting up your legal entity in India are, therefore, removed. This EOR will bridge the gap between your business and coveted talent by hiring them on your behalf and ensuring compliances.

The most amazing thing about INS Global is that you get to save a lot on your finances. All the necessary employee setup procedures along with charges for HR functions will be covered in a single monthly fee. So, there is nothing about paying for facilities separately. Further, you get to save the exorbitant amount that would have otherwise been invested in establishing your entity in the unfamiliar Indian market. Be it HR regulatory provisions, labor laws, or tax norms, INS Global EOR will ensure that your business adheres to all the regulatory norms. This will protect your business from getting embroiled in any kind of legal battles and penalties.

INS Global EOR service provider- employer of record company in india

Key Features

  • Helps you set up business operations with ease;
  • Offers in-depth understanding of the labor laws so that you stay compliant;
  • A single platform to streamline all the HR operations and employee management processes;
  • Quick, responsive and knowledgeable team to arm you with the relevant knowledge of compliances;
  • Offers personalized solutions that are tailor-made to suit your unique goals, as needed;
  • Services made available in 160+ countries


  • Central point to access all the required contracts and invoices and download them as per your convenience;
  • Prompt customer support that leads to quick resolution of issues;
  • In-house team of experts well-versed in various aspects of country-specific laws;
  • Helps you manage employees with dedicated modules via single point of contact;
  • Aids you in staying compliant by closely following all the legal guidelines;
  • Saves a great deal of your valuable time and money that you can invest in expanding your business


  • Persisting problem of language barrier while communicating with the customer support team;
  • High FX rates that might double up your expenditure;
  • Not quite integration-friendly;
  • Slower employee onboarding time- might even extend to a week

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  • There is no clear pricing structure mentioned on the company website.

Global Ratings

It is a bit tricky to come to a conclusion in case of scarce customer ratings. INS Global has 28 reviews on G2 and is rated 4.8 on a scale of 5. Since not many customer testimonials exist, you need to make a careful choice after taking into consideration various parameters such as its flexibility, integration-friendliness, customer support, etc.

#14: Global Expansion- One of the Best Employer of Record Companies in India in Terms of International Mobilization

Global Expansion has emerged as a groundbreaking platform offering superb EOR services. As one of the top Employer of Record companies in India, it handles every function- ranging from HR to payroll. Therefore, expanding your business to India is now way too simple. Its dedicated in-country HR and Global Mobility Teams will empower your business with the right support, that too, around-the-clock.

As is obvious, operating out of a new country is not easy. You need to abide by lots of rules, follow all the provisions of the labor law, and ensure compliances. That’s where Global Expansion EOR emerges! This is the sole EOR service provider that is operational in 214 countries and territories. It will help you in streamlining payroll, employee benefits, tax deductions, and other compliances.

Global Expansion- employer of record company in india

Key Features

  • Quick onboarding of new employees;
  • Unique implementable plans made available, specific to the requirements of each business;
  • In-house team of experts to provide you with precise bits of knowledge about the laws of the land;
  • Aid of a responsive customer support team


  • Offers relevant employee benefits package that aids in enhancing employee morale and satisfaction;
  • User-friendly platform to navigate through the various aspects of employee management tasks;
  • Maintains a fast and compliant approach to international mobilization;
  • Periodic conduction of workshops and consultative support to enlighten you on the various aspects of laws and tax norms


  • FX rates offered are quite high, thereby resulting in you having to pay a greater amount ;
  • Doesn’t support integrations with diverse applications;
  • No complimentary HRMS is available

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  • The website doesn’t shed any light on the pricing; thereby making things a bit ambiguous.

Global Ratings

Global Expansion is one of the top Employer of Record companies in India offering a host of services ranging from onboarding employees to ensuring compliances in accordance with the laws prevalent in the new country into which you are expanding. This platform is ranked at the 7th position in terms of user satisfaction score on G2. It is advisable to go for a software that can be handled with ease.

#15: Remofirst- One of the Most Popular Employer of Record Companies in India

Remofirst is one of the top Employer of Record companies that will help you hire the best talent from India without having to face any hassle. It will handle payroll administration, ensuring accurate and timely salary payments to employees. Further, this EOR service provider will aid in ensuring compliances so that you don’t face any charges of law violations.

Bid adieu to the need of setting up an entity! Hiring employees in new countries has become way too simple. Remofirst will recruit talent on your behalf and streamline the entire onboarding and employee management processes.

Remofirst- employer of record company in india

Key Features

  • A single platform to hire, pay and manage employees from other countries;
  • Handles payroll, benefits, and tax deductions of employees;
  • Navigate and ensure compliance with the intricate web of Indian labor laws and regulations;
  • Drafting and managing employment contracts, offer letters, and other necessary documentation required for hiring and maintaining a workforce in India


  • Offers services in 170+ countries;
  • Facility to aggregate the payroll of the global team into a single payment;
  • Helps you stay compliant by providing you with updates about changes in regulations;
  • 24/7 customer support available for hiring managers and global employees


  • FX rates offered are not really good, that is, these are quite high that might be a disadvantage to you. This is because it will elevate the cost you ought to spend.
  • The customer support response time is quite slow, thereby, making the wait time painfully longer;
  • Lack of integration with platforms like Slack or QuickBooks;
  • Proper employee self-serve platform is not available

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  • Starts at $199 per employee per month

Global Ratings

Remofirst is a good EOR platform offering a range of EOR services. However, it doesn’t have stellar ratings in terms of ease of use and quality of support. Remofirst is rated at the 12th position in terms of ease of use and 14th position in terms of G2 score. Therefore, it is crucial that you make a thoughtful choice before going for any service provider. After all, customer support, team of local experts, and ease of use form crucial aspects of an EOR company.

Final Words- Top Employer of Record Companies in India

The landscape of employment in India has witnessed a transformative shift with the rise of Employer of Record (EOR) companies. These entities play a pivotal role in simplifying the complexities of global workforce management, offering a seamless solution for businesses looking to expand their operations in India. As we explored the top EOR companies in the country, it became evident that each excels in different aspects, from compliance and payroll management to talent acquisition and employee onboarding.

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Choosing the right Employer of Record is a strategic decision that can significantly impact the success of international businesses operating in India. The companies mentioned in this blog, have proven themselves as reliable partners, providing comprehensive EOR services tailored to the unique needs of their clients. In a dynamic and competitive global market, the ability to navigate the intricacies of employment regulations and cultural nuances is essential.

As India continues to emerge as a key player in the global economy, the role of Employer of Record companies becomes increasingly crucial. Their expertise in managing cross-border employment relationships, coupled with a commitment to efficiency and compliance, positions them as indispensable allies for businesses seeking to establish a strong presence in the Indian market.

Frequently Asked Questions- Top Employer of Record Companies in India

1. What is an Employer of Record (EOR) company?

An Employer of Record (EOR) company is a service provider that manages employment responsibilities on behalf of businesses, handling tasks such as payroll, HR, and compliance.

2. Why should businesses consider using an EOR in India?

EOR services in India streamline HR processes, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations while allowing companies to focus on their core functions.

3. What are the benefits of using an EOR in India?

Benefits include risk mitigation, cost-effectiveness, and faster market entry. EORs also provide expertise in navigating complex employment laws.

4. How does the EOR process work for hiring employees in India?

The EOR company acts as the legal employer, handling hiring, onboarding, payroll, and compliance. Businesses maintain operational control while reducing administrative burdens.

5. Which are the top Employer of Record companies in India?

Notable EOR companies in India include Asanify, Papaya Global, Deel, and so on. It’s essential to consider factors like experience, industry expertise, and client reviews when choosing an EOR.

6. What industries benefit the most from EOR services in India?

Industries such as IT, manufacturing, and healthcare often benefit from EOR services due to complex labor laws and the need for a streamlined approach to HR functions.

7. How does EOR help in compliance with Indian labor laws?

EOR companies stay updated on labor laws, ensuring that employment practices comply with regulations, reducing the risk of legal issues for businesses.

8. Can businesses customize EOR services to their specific needs?

Yes, many EOR providers offer customizable solutions based on the unique needs of each business, allowing for flexibility in service offerings.

9. Are there any hidden costs associated with using an EOR in India?

Transparency is crucial, and reputable EOR companies in India provide clear pricing structures, outlining all costs associated with their services.

10. How does EOR support employee engagement and satisfaction?

EORs often handle HR functions, including benefits administration and employee support, contributing to overall employee satisfaction and engagement.Remember to conduct thorough research and consult with EOR providers to find the best fit for your business needs.














Not to be considered as tax, legal, financial or HR advice. Regulations change over time so please consult a lawyer, accountant  or Labour Law  expert for specific guidance.