HR Manager Job Description: Attract the best HR manager in just 4 steps!

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Why does a startup need an HR manager? What are the roles and responsibilities of an HR manager? How do you write an HR manager job description?

In this blog, I will talk about everything you need to know about hiring the first HR manager for your startup!

I have also added a downloadable template (of an HR manager job description) for you to download

Click here to download a template of an HR manager job description (HR generalist)



Who is an HR manager?

There are so many departments within HR. And, as a startup founder, managing each of them on your own is never easy. So, you have 2 options

  1. You could either have an HR role generalist or an HR manager. This person will carry out all the HR jobs for you
  2. You could hire an HR specialist who focuses on specific sub-functions.

But before we go any further, let’s have a look at some of these sub-functions:

So an HR manager focuses on all these sub-functions single-handedly.

What does an HR manager profile look like?

Here, I will talk about what an HR manager job profile looks like.

I have given a mere summary of the day to day tasks here because the major responsibilities, qualifications etc. are mentioned in much more detail in the template which you can download from here).

  • Design the organisational structure of the company
  • Designing a recruitment process and hiring new talent to ensure different tasks and jobs get done in a timely manner
  • Being the liaison between the managerial team and employees (addressing grievances etc.)
  • Developing and maintaining a productive work culture
  • Working towards the welfare of the employees and the company

Difference between an HR manager (job description) and a recruiter?

There is a huge misconception that a lot of people have, they think HR and recruiters are the same people. Have you ever heard someone joke about how the H in HR stands for Hiring? I mean obviously, you know better! But what is the exact difference between an HR manager and a recruiter?

While recruiter and HR are not the same things, recruiting is a tiny part of the overall HR function. And so, an HR manager job description must also be very different from that of a recruiter.

The relationship between a recruiter and an HR manager can be described best in this way. A recruiter works under his or her HR manager.

An HR manager carries out all the functions of the HR function, right from recruiting, training and development to salary and payroll management. On the other hand, a recruiter only focuses on hiring people based on the needs of the management team.

What should you include in an HR manager Job description?

I have written down the list of what a job description for an HR manager should include. Once you follow this list you’ll never have to worry about writing an HR manager job description ever again!

You could also download the Job description for an HR manager by clicking on the link below or scrolling to the top of this very blog (Too easy to be true? But it is that simple! Download for free now!!!

Click here to download the sample of an HR manager job description (for FREE)!!!

  • Job title

Try to use simple, common words as the job title. This makes it easier for search engines to show your job description to applicants when they apply. Think of what terms or words an HR manager would use if they were looking for job openings. Stick to things like an HR manager or HR generalist. Avoid using specialist titles such as the ones mentioned below.

  1. Recruiter
  2. Hiring specialist
  3. Recruitment manager
  4. HR Sourcing expert
  5. Payroll manager
  • Job summary

Add a few lines about what the applicant can expect from the job or role, and also mention a line about what you expect from the candidate. This will form a small introduction at the beginning of the JD, also known as the job summary.

  • List of job requirements

Here, you should talk about what kind of minimum qualifications and soft skills you expect the applicants to possess when they apply for the role. Also, other things to include here are things like if the job requires a lot of travelling etc.

  • Job responsibilities

Talk about the job’s day-to-day tasks, current ongoing projects and job duties

  • Salary

Salary, CTC, stipend or compensation form an extremely important part of any job description

What are the best channels to post an HR manager job description

hr manager hiring cta


Finding the right channels to post a job description is just as important as writing a great JD!

When you write an effective job description, you must be able to choose the best places to post it. Lucky for you, I have done the research and put together a list of places you can post the HR manager job description. Consider posting the JD in the following places

  • Your own company’s career page, if you don’t already have one you can make it by signing up for free on Asanify!
  • Consider approaching MBA colleges and sharing the HR manager job description with them. If you’re looking for freshers, you might have to train them on the job in the initial phases and provide them with a 30 60 90 day plan. Otherwise,  if you are looking for someone with experience, you could always inform the placement committee about the same.
  • 3rd party job porting websites such as Linkedin, Glassdoor or even also form great sources for quality candidates
  • Share it with employees, so that they can either
    • Get referrals of people who might be interested
    • Apply for the role themselves (internal recruitment)


HR Job Description Summary


What are the duties of an HR manager?

The duties of an HR manager are,
1. Recruiting new talent
2. Training and development of employees
3. Being the liaison between management and employees
4. Resolving employee conflicts
5. Payroll management

What are the skills required to become an HR manager?

An HR manager must have the following skills
1. Interpersonal skills
2. Communication skills
3. Problem-solving skills
4. Decision-making skills
5. Analytical skills

What are the 7 functions of HR?

The 7 functions of HR are
1. Recruitment and selection
2. Performance management
3. Learning & development of employees
4. Succession planning
5. Payroll, rewards and benefits
6. HRIS (Human resource management system)
7. Data analytics (Employee data)

Not to be considered as tax, legal, financial or HR advice. Regulations change over time so please consult a lawyer, accountant  or Labour Law  expert for specific guidance.