Sales representative Job description: How to attract the best with this JD!

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A job description can help you attract the perfect candidate or ensure no one applies for the role at all. A simple JD can make the world of a difference. And how do you attract the best talent and write a sales representative job description?

These are the people who will bring in customers or clients for your company! They cannot be anything short of the best.

So, in this blog, I have given you a detailed description of the profile and work of a sales rep. I have also added a downloadable template that you can get for free!!

Download the template for a sales representative’s job description now!

Who is a sales representative?

A sales representative is someone who is basically responsible for selling your product to the customer and meeting the needs of the customer. They have detailed conversations with clients to understand what they need and how your company can meet those needs better.

A sales rep is in charge of maintaining positive relationships with clients. They need to be approachable and friendly in nature. A sales rep also takes the initiative of reaching out to potential clients and guiding them through the sales cycle. As a result, they establish new client accounts for the company.

What does a sales representative do?

So, what does a sales rep do on any given day? What are their roles, responsibilities and tasks?

(Note: I have given only a brief summary of what sales reps do because the details about responsibilities, day-to-day tasks, qualifications etc. are all mentioned in the template you can download from here!

  • Keep close contact with potential clients (leads) to ensure a smooth sales cycle
  • Convert customers through effective sales pitches and presentations
  • Work alongside the customer success team to ensure successful onboarding of converted clients
  • Pro-actively reach out to new leads and establish new client accounts

Channels to post a sales rep Job descriptiondownload cta

Writing a fantastic job description does absolutely no good if it’s not discoverable by potential applicants! But you know that already.

So, what are the best places to post a JD for a sales rep?

  • 3rd party portals such as Glassdoor or LinkedIn
  • Your own company’s career page (if you don’t already have one, consider making one. Click on the link here and see how to make a career page for your startup)
  • If your looking for freshers, college campuses of tier 1 and 2 institutes are great recruiting grounds.
  • Your own employees! Why? You could consider transfers or promotions to fill in the open position.

Things to keep in mind while writing a job description for a sales representative

Now, there are a few things to keep in mind, simple dos and don’ts and some common errors that people usually make when writing a job description. They are…

Check and double-check the sales representative job description for errors

Always double check for errors, grammatical or otherwise while writing the JD. Nothing outs off potential applicants like mistakes in a job description

The sales representative job description should have detailed and specific information

Don’t be vague while explaining the roles and responsibilities. This will only discourage people from applying. Instead, mark out clear goals that the sales rep is supposed to achieve, and add a list of day to day tasks that can help the salesperson achieve those tasks.

Make sure the sales representative job description is in line with industry standards

Ensure whatever details are being added to the JD are on par with industry standards (or better). This will help you gain an edge over other companies and encourage applicants to apply for a role in your company. Do this by conducting thorough industry research.

Always mention salary in a sales representative job description

There’s a big debate as to whether people should mention compensation or CTC. I think you should. If not in the actual job description, then at least in the mail or letter that encloses the JD. It will act as an incentive for candidates to apply for the role.

These may seem like really small, simple things. But keeping them in mind will help you steadily build your employer brand! These things can help you attract sales representatives that are so good they can sell ice to an Eskimo!!

How to write a sales representative job description – Summary

sales representative infographic


Sales representative job description – FAQs

What does a sales representative do?

They are basically responsible for managing client relations, working alongside the sales manager and delivering convincing sales pitches and eventually converting leads into new accounts

What are the 5 basic skills needed in a sales representative?

The basic skills required are 1. Communication skills 2. Negotiating skills 3. Listening skills (to be able to listen for the exact needs of the client, irrespective of whether they explicitly mention them or not) 4. Trust building 5. Knowledge of the business (not just the business they are selling, but also of the industry their clients belong to)

What is the first step in selling?

The first step in selling is prospecting and qualifying the leads. Some leads that get generated are potential clients and some maybe people who aren’t necessarily in a position to purchase your product. The sales rep qualifies the leads before starting the selling cycle.

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