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What makes the role of an enterprise sales manager so different from a regular sales manager? Who is this person and what do they even do? How do you hire an enterprise sales manager?

In this blog, I will cover,

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Who is an enterprise sales manager?

Before we jump into who an enterprise sales manager is, let’s first have a look at what enterprise sales is. It is basically when a salesperson is selling something to big enterprises. It includes generating large revenues from single contracts or clients.

Enterprise sales is very often also called “Complex sales”. Why? These deals are generally complex in nature and also because each of them can impact a business a lot.

People say that if you ask an enterprise sales rep what their selling, their answer could be “I don’t know yet!!” This is because this type of selling requires the sales rep to understand what it is that the executives of companies are looking for and then work with them to reach those goals.

Any sale can become an enterprise sale. This can happen when the stakes are extremely high or when the implementation of the product is very complicated. So, the manager of the enterprise sales team is in charge of the sales this team makes. Right from staffing, training and ensuring sales are made, they manage the entire team. They are also responsible for coming up with and implementing strategies that help their team sell better.

What does an enterprise sales manager do?

Since I have given detailed lists of the responsibilities and dau to day tasks in the downloadable template (click here to get it) I am only giving an overview here.

So, the manager is responsible for…

  • Managing the sales team, training and advising them
  • Everything pertaining to the enterprise sales team, including sales done, costs, staffing and so on
  • Helping convert new and retain old customers effectively

Best channels to post this Job Description

When you write an effective job description, the next step is to be able to choose the best places to post it. This would include places potential applicants will look. Here, in the case of an enterprise sales manager, you could consider posting the JD in the following places

  • LinkedIn
  • Your own company’s career page
  • You could consider approaching MBA colleges and sharing the JD with them. If you are looking for someone with experience, you could always inform the placement committee about the same.
  • 3rd party job porting websites such as Glassdoor or Naukri.com
  • Share it with employees, so that they can either
    • Get referrals of people who might be interested
    • Apply for the role themselves (internal recruitment)


enterprise sales manager



What is an enterprise sales role?

Enterprise sales is basically when a sales rep sells to beg enterprises. These sales are usually more complex in nature and have a large impact on the business.

What are the responsibilities of an enterprise sales manager?

He or she is responsible for the sales team. All the deals and the strategy used to crack them. They give advice to and guide each sales rep to be better at their job. The manager is also responsible for the costs and the revenue generated by their team.

What are the skills required by an enterprise sales manager?

They are
1. Empathy
2. Leadership skills
3. Analytical skills
4. Communication skills
5. Problem-solving skills
6. Resilience
7. Ability to delegate

What makes a successful sales manager?

Great sales managers know how to delegate work among team members. They also have great time management skills. They know exactly what their team members need at any point in time, be it guidance, advice or other resources

Why do some sales managers fail?

They may fail due to multiple reasons such as
1. Not knowing how to manage their team
2. Bad communication skills
3. Lack of delegation (trying to do everything themselves)
4. Don’t have a well planned and efficient sales or selling process
5. Lack of empathy

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